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As a dairy farmer, you are focused on providing the best possible care for your cows to keep you farm running strong. We are dedicated to making the feed aspect of your operation one less thing you need to worry about. Using only the highest-quality ingredients supplied at the best possible price and delivered in a timely manner.

As an independent feed mill, we work with over 40 nutritionists and nutrition companies. There is a good chance we already work with your nutritionist, but if not, we are happy to reach out to them. Searching for a new nutritionist? We can walk you through the options and help guide you to one who will fit best with your operation. Contact us today to see how we can be an asset to your operation.


In addition to mixed supplements, we offer trucking and brokering of commodities:
• Corn – Ground, Cracked, or Whole
• Soybean Meal
• Soybean Hulls – Loose or Pelletized
• Roasted Soybeans
• Canola Meal
• Amino Plus
• SoyPlus

• Natural Pro Meal
• DDGs
• Corn Gluten Feed – Ground or Pelletized
• Wheat Middlings
• Cereal Fines
• Corn Starch
• Cottonseed
• Oats
• Palm Fat

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We are also a dealer for Quality Liquid Feeds and can provide any stock or custom blended liquid feeds. QLF offers tanks and equipment installation along with their service. Contact us for more information on how liquid feeds can fit in your operation.


Your beef operation depends on high-preforming feeds and supplements to ensure a profitable outcome year after year. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality feeds at a competitive price, making feed supply one less thing you need to worry about. We offer commercial beef feeding programs utilizing our Beef

Balancer and Western Ohio lines of pelleted supplements and minerals. We also work with several beef nutritionists who can provide you with complete nutrition service, including forage testing and custom ration balancing.

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We are also a dealer for Quality Liquid Feeds and can provide any stock or custom blended liquid feeds. QLF offers tanks and equipment installation along with their service. Contact us for more information on how liquid feeds can fit in your operation.

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When you choose to partner with Walnut Hill Feeds, Inc. for your layer barn you will receive top quality feed and professional poultry services and tech support with every flock. We have partnered with

experts in nutrition, poultry services, and veterinarian services. Our mill is EB-certified and ready to provide the feed for your flock. We can also assist in sourcing pullets and locating egg markets.


We have partnered with ADM for our poultry nutrition. With several Ph. D. poultry nutritionists on staff, ADM has the expertise needed to ensure your flock receives the best nutrition possible. ADM’s nutritionists will review the weekly reports and adjust feed formulations accordingly. With a focus on bird health and efficient feed

consumption levels, your flock will perform at a consistently high level. Flocks using ADM’s feed formulations have consistently outperformed industry average in both feed per bird rates and in the health and feathering of the birds at the end of their egg-laying cycle.

Risser's Poultry Inc.

We have partnered with Risser’s Poultry, Inc., from Litiz, Pennsylvania for our flock consulting and service. Risser’s has been in the poultry business for over 90 years. In partnership with Risser’s we offer the following services:
– Weekly walk-through of your poultry barn by Walnut Hill service tech
– Weekly review of flock and service records by Risser’s poultry experts
– Weekly production summary spreadsheets by Risser’s for producer, bird owner, and egg buyer

– Record keeping binder provided by Risser’s and updated by Walnut Hill
– Bio-security/AI programs and binder provided by Risser’s and updated for each flock
– Quarterly visits and walk-through by a Risser’s expert
– Support for all on-farm inspections

Veterinarian Services
Four Star Veterinary Service

4-Star Veterinarian Services from Chickasaw, Ohio, is our main veterinarian partner. 4-Star has several highly-trained poultry vets on staff that will provide on-farm vet service as needed.


We also provide complete nutrition service for Commercial Broiler and Specialty Broiler operations. Each formula is customized for your specific flock. Non-GMO Broiler feeding programs are also available.

Interested in talking? Contact Buck Henry at (330) 461-5623 or by email at buck.henry@whfeeds.com

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As a commercial swine producer, you understand the importance of feed conversion rates on-time feed deliveries. We provide customized phase feeding programs for nursery and finishing barns, and customized sow unit feeding programs. With feed contracting options, you are able to lock-in your feed costs for each batch of pigs if you desire.

CSA Animal Nutrition formulates our custom feeding programs using the latest research and technology to ensure optimal performance of your swine. We can also work with you own nutritionist if you prefer.


With experience manufacturing feed for a wide variety of species, we can provide custom-formulated feed for your operation. Whether you have sheep, goats, alpacas, ducks, or other ‘specialty’ species in your operation, we can formulate and manufacture the feed you need!

Looking to have feed manufactured for your company? We offer private-label feed manufacturing, with capabilities including pelleted, texturized, dry blends, minerals, and more. Check with us today!